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H2Pro Hair Dryer Reviews: What Users Have to Say About This Dryer

There are many hair dryers on the market, so how do you choose one? You could try to read reviews and compare specifications, but it’s difficult to tell which dryers are good. To help make your choice easier, we’ve gathered detailed information about the H2Pro hair dryer. We’ll cover what users have to say about this product and give you a high-level overview of its features and specifications. 


This dryer’s auto-shutoff function is very popular. Recently, I was setting up a computer and realized my hair was wet anyway. Turning the H2Pro on and off seemed to speed things up. Unfortunately, you can’t take this dryer on vacation. Learn more. The soundstage is excellent, especially for vocals. Overall, imaging and sound are fantastic. This is a Nord Air that’s been reconditioned. 

It’s good enough that you could buy it now (it’s discontinued everywhere else). It’s not massive. It should fit perfectly in most rooms. This is not an everyday dryer. It’s more for home use or when you just don’t want to worry about hair drier maintenance. Don’t be sad if you don’t see this review over at Amazon because it sells for $60 on Amazon! This is the Nord Hills dryer. With long-lasting power, these hair dryers also have a fan. Be careful with those fans as they are still pretty powerful. Be careful with those fans as they are still pretty powerful. At 11.6 inches, this is the largest dryer in our review. 

Features of the H2Pro hairdryer

The H2Pro hair dryer is a professional-grade hair dryer that’s been specially designed for long, thick hair. The H2Pro hair dryer has a high-velocity motor that can cut drying time by up to 50% by drying fast and evenly, and it has a removable filter that’s easy to clean. It also has a sleek design with sleek touch control on top, and it has multiple temperature settings that can help to dry time, as well as manual and programmable controls. 

The H2Pro has a glowing aluminum handle that matches the handle design of the customer’s choice. This hair dryer comes with a warranty, but that warranty doesn’t cover “any defects in materials or workmanship resulting from defective material, manufacturing process, or freezing caused by the normal wear and tear to the product or improper use by the user.” That means to get the best value, you should use the product in a dryer that’s been properly maintained. 

Specifications of the H2Pro hairdryer

The H2Pro Professional Hairdryer is a powerful 2000 Watts AC motor hair dryer that allows you to dry your hair without damaging it. The H2Pro Professional Hairdryer comes with a cool shot button that allows you to set your hair in the style that you want. This dryer combines clean digital controls with the benefits of the hot air dryer. 

H2Pro offers various styling products as well. You get individual hair masks, curls shampoo, custom massage oils, and more. While you can customize the controls for the dryer, the product is missing many of the features of ultrasonic hair dryers. The H2Pro also doesn’t have a heavier-duty stand, which can help keep this dryer stationary if you are using it on a mobile device. 

What people are saying about the H2Pro hairdryer (excerpts from reviews)

The H2Pro hairdryer is a revolutionary new hair drying device that uses sonic cleansing technology to automatically clean your hair and blow-dry it at the same time. The patented technology cleans your hair as you dry it, removing dirt, oil, and product buildup from your hair and scalp. It’s a pretty amazing innovation that changes the way people enjoy hair drying. SCORE: 9 The H2Pro hairdryer is an innovative hairdryer that changes the way people dry their hair. We like how the user interface is designed to minimize distractions and how innovative the ionic cleaning can be. 

Summary and conclusion

The H2Pro is marketed to use with hair care products and is available in multiple formats. This line of dryers can dry or straighten hair using either the cord that connects it to a hairdryer or the hose that it comes with. Depending on the style you choose, a hairdryer that is good for straight or very low humidity might be better for your needs. If you’re looking for a dryer with a low more constant speed, you can choose a cordless style, which usually doesn’t use a hose. If working in a hurry, you can choose a style with high power or a style with a lowered speed.

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