A Wholesome Guide On Renting Out Your Property in Dubai

If there is one aspect Dubai has gained mammoth success in, it is a wide range of holiday home rentals to accommodate passionate tourists and locals.

Being a global attraction for holidaymakers, the city sits at the top of the list for providing a plethora of holiday villas and apartments for rent.

Aside from the primary reasons, Dubai’s variety of property collections is unique due to all-inclusive bills, completely furnished layouts, and superb accessibility.

The Definition Of A Short Term Rental

Luxury short term rental Dubai can be a wholly furnished villa or apartment available for rent. These residential units offer an A-Z mindset of holiday experiences and all-inclusive bills like DEWA and the Hi-Speed WiFi network.

Fully furnished properties also include an equipped kitchen displayed in a ready-to-move-in configuration. Short term rental also comes with flexible contracts that can be daily, weekly, or monthly accommodations.

Ever since their early steps in the market, platforms like, Airbnb, and Vrbo have amassed a staggering revenue from the short term rental technique.

Who Can Serve As A Holiday Home Operator?

To promote your property (whether a villa or an apartment), a property owner needs to be registered with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Then, visit the website of Dubai Tourism, and write your holiday villa or apartment to do their marketing.

To achieve a tourism license, property owners will have to submit relevant documents and a registration fee. As an alternative, landlords can also work with present DTCM license operators to manage their property professionally.

Some Points For Vacation Rental Management in Dubai:

Aside from the crystal clear perks of renting out your property, there can be some complications with short term rentals. This is especially possible if you are ignorant of local regulations.

Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) presents various rules and regulations for people in the accommodation industry. In case you are a private homeowner, below are some key points to know:

  • You have to submit all required documents.
  • Landlords must gain a tourism license.
  • Before listing, residential properties have to be approved by DET (Department of Economic and Tourism).
  • Homeowners must rent out their whole unit.
  • Homeowners can get permits for eight properties.

To avoid being a victim of unpleasant penalties and misfortunes, it is wise to familiarize yourself with Dubai Tourism laws. So, simply visit their website to acquire all the information.

Famous Spots For Short Term Rentals in the City

Dubai is an exciting combination of thrilling communities and tranquil suburbs. Based on your vacation goals, the desired configuration, and occupancy size, one can find a unit suiting their needs.

Dubai Marina

The sweetest attraction point of Dubai Marina is a dynamic range of entertainment outlets. Home to residents belonging to different nationalities, the region is a famous holiday destination – mainly due to the lucrative experience it offers and straightforward access to the significant areas of Dubai.

Most holidaymakers for staycations or brief trips in Dubai Marina prefer to choose completely furnished single bedroom apartments with captivating views of the region.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Opposite the Marina neighbourhood, JBR is an exhilarating yet soothing hub of attractions, including premium dining outlets, beaches, and different sports events.

In Jumeirah Beach Residence, locals and tourists can enjoy exotic cuisines, exciting nightclubs, high-quality wellness centres, and simple access to the Dubai Metro.

Palm Jumeirah

This establishment is highly regarded as a community inspired by an island. It is famous for its independent villas accompanied by private swimming pools. In addition, palm Jumeirah boasts its range of lifestyle amenities, F & B outlets, and retail stores.

You can find 3 to 5 bedroom holiday villas with a private swimming pool. These are the most demanding staycation options in Dubai.

The Best Platforms for Managing and Marketing Short Term Rentals


This is the industry staple of short term rentals. Airbnb service company was initially designed to allow people to quickly rent out rooms in their homes. And now, it has become a blown-out private short term rental platform.

You should consider the expense of hosting, including taxes, high utility bills, cleaning, and Airbnb’s host fee – which amounts to 3% for payment processing. In addition, the guests will have to pay 6% to 12% of Airbnb’s booking fee.


Homeowners on this platform can only rent out entire properties. This means you can not utilize it to rent out rooms only. This is not the same case as Airbnb, where you can also book a separate room in a shared home.

Vrbo handles your calendar and bookings. The commission charged by the platform is based on a pay-per-booking listing, and it initiates from 8% on each booking.

This platform boasts a more detailed service than the above two on the list. is the most significant property management company in Dubai, with 25,000 short term rentals presently under its management.

It provides a plethora of services – a 24/7 guest service, guiding you with permits and taxes and guest screening.

Blueground Vacation Rental

This platform primarily helps you with your property marketing, managing your calendar, and allowing you to book. But there is also 24/7 support for guests, making it an excellent fix for landlords who desire a hands-off experience. But the best selling point of Evolve is that you will enjoy one of the lowest fees on the market.


This is a vacation rental management brand running in Dubai. Each property under the supervision of Casengo receives an on-site property manager who is responsible for determining a flawless guest experience.

This comprehensive and personalized property management experience will ensure that your guests have a memorable time, your rental remains booked, and positive reviews.

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