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Garnier Light Complete Night Cream Review

The garnier light complete night cream successfully targets dark spots on the face while creating a lighter appearance overall. First, it melts into the skin, delivering a lightness that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Next, the light serum penetrates deep into the skin where it absorbs into the underlying collagen and fat layer to help restore moisture and balance natural moisture levels. Finally, when blended with a nourishing serum – as well as our exclusive lavender essential oil for moisture.

Review of Garnier Light Complete Night Cream

I never used Garnier products before, so I was very skeptical in using this. My face tends to get oily after a few hours of putting on foundation and powders. I usually have to blot my face with tissue paper throughout the day. My skin became softer and lighter after using Garnier Light Complete Night Cream. It also helped with my pimples and blemishes. I would totally recommend this product! – Scarlett Hodgson

I have been using this product for 3 months and my skin has never been better. I have combination skin that is very sensitive and breaks out often. This night cream has done wonders for the texture and appearance of my face, as well as the overall shine and oiliness. I highly recommend this product to everyone! – Madeleine McKenzie

I have been using this product for 2 weeks and I love it! It is very light and not greasy at all. It also has a great smell. I noticed a change in my complexion. My skin looks better and brighter than before. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone who wants to have glowing and younger looking skin. – Olivia Norton

Product Description

Garnier Light Complete Night Cream is a complete skincare routine in a jar that cares for and protects your skin as you sleep, doing its little bit each night to surface underlying radiance. The ultra-rich cream has been developed to absorb quickly into the skin to moisturize, fight wrinkles and help prevent dark spots. Instead of making your skin appear brighter by eliminating visible dark spots on the surface top layer of skin, the light complete night cream targets the underlying layer of your skin where small amounts accumulates over time and causes visible dark spots. This nourishing formula contains a powerful combination of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 to revitalize your skin while you rest. Wake up to skin that looks brighter and healthier.

Garnier Light Complete Night Cream helps fight the early appearance of ageing, nourishing your skin during the night to leave it smooth with a satin finish. In just 4 weeks.


1. No wrinkles/ fine lines
2. Makes your skin brighter
3. Makes your skin look more even
4. Reduces dark spots/ acne scars
5. Leaves your face looking healthy and glowing
6. Gives you a natural glow

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