Fitness Tips from Famous Women Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur and running a business you created is a major challenge – one that requires you to be at the top of your game consistently.

In some ways, women entrepreneurs might have it even harder than their male counterparts due to the pressures and duties they have to contend with daily.

Fitness is key to getting through the stressful days, and most famous women entrepreneurs routinely discuss their rigorous training plans and how they help them.

Let’s take a look at what Female Australian Entrepreneurs and noted Businesswomen advise when it comes to fitness:

Build Your Plan Around Your Meals

This idea comes from Katy Istines, the Australian entrepreneur who founded the fitness platform SWEAT.

Istines follows a diet plan where she eats and drinks five times a day, with the meals divided with care to provide energy throughout the day.

Organizing the meals in this manner and building a fitness plan around it helps with consistency. It provides a lot of structure to the daily routine and reduces chances of avoiding exercise routines due to fatigue, forgetfulness, and lack of motivation.

The idea also helps you build a diet plan that compliments your fitness requirements. You can meticulously structure your nutrition profile according to your fitness routine, which helps in maximizing what you get from your food.

Beyond fitness, spreading your meals helps make planning for the coming day easier.

All you need to do is think about what meal you will be having and what you want to do before that. It is as simple as that.

Do Not Avoid Cardio – Cherish It

Moving constantly – to the point that you feel your heart pounding through the skin of your chest – might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, for Trina Liang-Lin, one of Singapore’s leading entrepreneurs, it’s a necessary part of the day.

In fact, she claims she gets her best ideas while she is doing it.

Starting the day full of energy is a hard task, especially when you have to work long hours consistently.

The fatigue caused by this is not just physical; it also affects you mentally.

The grind can mess with your creativity and leave you feeling dull, something that you just cannot afford as an entrepreneur.

Cardio is a good way to make sure you do not get caught in this. The blood flow to the entire body and the brain can make you fit and active for the day while keeping you alert and ready to make some tough decisions with a clear head.

Trina works out five to six times a week and does not restrict herself to cardio. The workouts include strength training as well, but she is a firm advocate for cardio and its benefits.

There Is More to You than Your Body

While physical well-being and condition are what you might think about in a discussion on fitness, there is more to it than just working your muscles. Fitness is a constant grind – one you have to be constantly focused on and motivated for.

You have to make sure not to lose the motivation to keep at it, and that is where your mind comes in. Entrepreneurs take on stress, lots of it. At times, physical exercise is not enough to relieve it and piles on the pressure and negative emotions.

To avoid that, you will need to declutter your thoughts and allow yourself to be free of the negative thoughts and think clearly. One way of accomplishing this is with meditation, something that several famous entrepreneurs, such as Beyonce, practise regularly.

Meditation can help you accomplish lots of things at once. The quietness and stillness help you relax and reflect, allowing you to focus on your thoughts and giving them time.

It can help deal with stress, improve your focus, and also help with motivation. Other reported benefits of meditation include improved memory and increased productivity.

But what is important here is how meditation allows you to take some time away from your hectic routine and devote it to yourself. The change of pace does more than give you a chance to breathe: it keeps you motivated and ready to take on each day.

Don’t Fret About What You Eat

While it may sound counterproductive, you must not spend time and energy worrying about what you eat and counting every single calorie. Running a business rarely leaves you with the time and energy for that.

More importantly, you will need to realize that it is nearly impossible to put strict restrictions on your eating. After all, multiple days in the week might be spent at lunch meetings or lunch in the office. It’s not always going to be healthy food, especially if you go out with some co-workers or friends.

Not fretting about every minute detail and just going out to have fun is what Kylie Jenner currently follows.

She makes up for any excess food by exercising regularly and managing her time well. Kylie’s toned body is a testament to the work she puts in with her private trainer.

Going over every morsel of food to count calories or starving at lunches is not an option for entrepreneurs. Instead of being scared or wary, it is important to be proactive and trust the work you are putting in to keep you fit.

Changing up your exercise routine is a lot simpler than changing your diet and eating less on a regular basis.

For female entrepreneurs, maintaining professional and private lives is a challenge, and their fitness is a primary concern in this regard.

However, leading entrepreneurs have managed to maintain their fitness by playing it smart and structuring their lives in a way to ensure they have the time they need to work out.

Along with planning ahead and structuring your routine, taking care of your mental well-being is essential.

A Female Entrepreneur’s Life is similar to a machine with various well-oiled parts: if one doesn’t work, the others fail as well.

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