Basic Info You Should Know About Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS)

What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Sixteenth International Conference on February 2022 has concluded that Electric Muscles Stimulation will improve fatigue and increase force production in the human body. Current will activate muscles to generate movement. They pinpointed the transforming role of EMS in sports too. EMS is effective for muscle relief, pain relief, rehabilitation, and improved mobility.

The EMS device stimulated 40 muscle contractions per minute. Electrodes are set on the different motor nerve points to generate electrical impulses. The users should use the electrode pad for at least 30 minutes per figure area each day. They can increase the timing if they want. The EMS device can be battery-powered or can be used with the domestic current.


Arms, legs, abdomen look stronger and more toned and firm. A Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,National Strength & Conditioning Association has strengthened the claim that “Effects of Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Body Composition, Muscle Strength, and Physical Appearance are authentic.”

Electrical muscle stimulation devices (EMS) have been designed to boost muscle strength, lower body weight, and body fat, and enhance muscle firmness and tone in healthy individuals.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has revolutionized the medical and beauty industry with its amazing outcomes. You can lessen fat on your waist and abdomen, and give it a natural look and shape. Especially for young men and women, it does a miracle. You can use high-frequency current therapy with the help of your physiotherapists for the best results.


  • Don’t use on the brain
  • Don’t use on carotid sinus nerves
  • Don’t use during pregnancy
  • Don’t use during menstruation
  • Excessive usage may cause skin irritations and burns

The Comparison of EMS Machine to TENS unit

These devices seems similar,they both stimulate nerves and deliver low voltage electrical impulses. But their applications are very different.TENS are designed to activate nerve ends that link the sensory nerve to the brain. Using these ends will stop pain signals from entering the brain to connect to the nerve.

Except for that, an EMS machine makes it possible to contract the muscles, imitating the urge for intervention.

Therefore, these are two different machines intended for completely different purposes. In contrast to TENS, EMS is used in muscle development and physical exercise. If you’re experiencing persistent pain in your nerve or muscle, you may have learned that non-addictive, drug-free relaxation can be delivered by EMS. In addition to pain reduction, EMS devices can help recover damaged muscles and perform athletic activities. In general, EMS is used to relax and develop the skeletal muscle, while TENS is used for relieving pain symptoms.

Where to Purchase a EMS Machine

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