Diamond Painting Tips: The Best Tips and Tricks for Novices

Diamond painting is an art form that has gained popularity during the last decade. Like many such hobbies, it has spawned business opportunities. Diamond painting is an art form that uses small, colorfully designed beads to create intricate designs and pictures. Images of flowers, animals, landscapes, famous buildings and people are usually used in this art form. It’s a fun hobby that only requires a few simple tools.

With intricate and beautiful designs, each Diamond Painting Kit is easy to do and lets you create your own little piece of art. Whether you are brand new to the world of diamond painting or you have already created your fair share of designs, there are a few tricks that you can use to get an edge on your project. Why not take a look at the tips below and get yourself started on your first diamond painting project.


Choosing the Right Size of Diamond Painting Canvas and Skill Level

The first step of any diamond painting is to choose the right size and skill level. Before you begin, it’s important to consider how much time you want to spend on your project, as well as how much space you have for your diamond painting. If this is your first time doing a diamond painting, it’s recommended that you choose a small kit with just a few colors in order to get a feel for the process.

Find & Buy The Right Diamond Painting Kit

Buying your first diamond painting kit online can be a daunting task.

First, you’ll need to find All Diamond Painting kit that you love! They have a wide selection of style and subject options available on their website, with new designs added weekly.

Once you’ve found the perfect design, simply add it to your cart and proceed through checkout. Your kit will ship directly to your doorstep completely free of charge!

Prepare Your Tools & Workspace For Diamond Painting

A clean and organized workspace will make it easier to work on your diamond painting, let you see what you’re doing better, and keep everything organized while you work on it. You’ll need a good, flat surface set up with good lighting in order to do diamond painting, so make sure that you have everything ready before getting stuck in.

Start with a Small Project

Don’t start with a complex image in your first project. This may seem like a good idea because you want to jump right in and work on something challenging! But a large, complex image can be overwhelming for beginners. And if you get frustrated or bored, you’ll be less likely to finish your first project and more likely to quit the hobby altogether.

Organize Your Diamonds

Diamond drills look a lot like sugar crystals, and they come in a lot of similar colors and sizes. If you’re not careful when sorting them, you might mix up the colors.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, organize your drill kit before you begin. Use an organizer with separate compartments for each color of diamond. Or use small plastic bags with labels to keep the drills organized by color and size.


Assembling Your Tools for Diamond Painting

In order to start your diamond painting, you will need wax, a tray, tweezers, and tools for sorting and picking up the diamonds. Depending on where you purchase your kit, these tools may come included with it or they may be sold separately. If you choose to purchase them separately, make sure that you select diamond painting accessoires of good quality so that they are easy to use and don’t break easily.

Keep Diamonds Nearby

As you work on completing your diamond painting piece it’s important to keep your rhinestones close by so that they are easy to access as needed. A plastic container with dividers or even an inexpensive tackle box works well for storing loose diamonds as you complete your project. This way all of the colors are visible and approachable.

Work in Good Light

Diamond painting kits are made up of many tiny pieces and sometimes even tiny color variations within the pieces themselves. It’s very important that you work in bright light so you can distinguish between all the colors and easily see where each piece goes on your canvas.

Keep Your Diamond Painting Work Area Clean

Diamonds are tiny and they can easily get lost, especially if you’re working on a large canvas or in a messy area. Make sure you have plenty of space around your work area and keep it tidy so those little gems don’t fall into cracks or get swept away while cleaning up. If you do end up with stray diamonds, you can use tweezers or a toothpick to pick them.

Get Functions Specific Tools

When it comes to choosing the right tool for the job, diamond painting is no different than any other craft or hobby. Like any other handicraft, one of the keys to success is having the right tools on hand. The most common tools used in diamond painting include:

• Tweezers

• Small wax pad

• Applicator

Use a Light Pad or Board

Diamonds are so small that it can be hard to see them in low light conditions. One of the most popular ways to solve this problem is to use a light pad or light board. It’s basically like a big drawing tablet with LED lights, on the backside that illuminate your work area from beneath so you can see what you’re doing better.

Get Familiar with the Color Chart and Symbols Key

Even if you’re not ready to start your first project yet, practice the art of sorting the diamonds by color and shade. When diamonds are sorted correctly, this makes it easier to find them when you’re ready to put them on your canvas or tray.

images (1).jpg

Use a Rolling Pin to Gently Press Your Diamonds into Place

When you’re getting started with diamond painting, one of the hardest parts is getting the diamonds to stick to their designated spots. That’s where a rolling pin comes in handy. Use a rolling pin to gently press your diamonds into place. It’s super helpful for getting every diamond stuck down tight. This will make sure that they adhere to the canvas completely, and it will also ensure that they are all facing in the same direction.

Break up Your Work into Sessions

If you are doing an advanced project, divide it into sections based on color and number of diamonds, and do each section individually before moving on to the next one.

Remember that with diamond painting kits, you get what you pay for. By finding as many pictures of finished works as you can before you buy, you’ll know what to expect from your purchase. If possible, also ask someone who has experience with these kits for their advice. They may have taken a few cracks at the hobby and can give you some valuable pointers. Diamond painting is a popular craft activity because it’s fun, relatively easy to learn and can be done in any setting. If you’re just starting out, it’s important to set yourself up for success by having the right supplies and materials on hand and following the above tips for completing the diamond painting project.

You might find yourself a little intimidated by the prospect of joining this hobby, but as soon as you start painting your first masterpiece, you’ll be intrigued and want to take up another. They contain all the tools that you need to create beautiful pieces of art, you just need to find the one that inspires you.

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