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Have you considered a Dermapen treatment to improve your skin quality?

Our beauty often suffers from annoying skin conditions, that’s a fact. Do you know what else is a fact? Dermapen microneedling pen helping thousands of people around the world. And there are quite a lot of reasons why this kind of treatments is so popular amongst ordinary people as well as dermatologists. Stay tuned and read all about it.

Enlarged pores and collagen production

The thing is, a Dermapen microneedling procedure creates small holes in the treated area of your skin. Enlarged pores appear, and these micro injuries encourage new collagen production that can fix age spots or discoloration due to a hair loss, for example. Also, sun damage is covered and many other conditions like acne scars and stretch marks. All of this is possible because a Dr Pen Microneedling device motivates your own body’s innate ability that works the same way for all skin types. No surgery is needed. No operating table or even a qualified personnel. You can do it all by yourself in the comfort of your home. However, it is recommended to take advice from a dermatologist, who can determine the number of sessions required for your particular skin situation. This is important if you want to have better results and reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation.

Micro needling technology

No matter if you have too nasty acne scarring or wrinkles that have eaten away the fine lines of your perfect appearance – the basic principle is the same. The best microneedling device, as the very name suggests, uses microscopic needles that are secured in a removable cartridge. With every pen comes a set of such cartridges, which means that the main device can be used multiple times by many people like your sister, for instance, who is in the needs of reducing stretch marks after pregnancy… or a tattoo that went wrong.

Dr Pen USA microneedling devices are therefore highly universal, which makes them an excellent alternative for more drastic measures like lasers and such. Many professional dermatologists are actually performing Dermapen sessions at their offices, but – as we have mentioned earlier – patients can do it by themselves at home. If you plan to do just that, please remember that occasional pinpoint bleeding might occur and slight pain too. A simple numbing cream, however, will be enough to deal with this problem. Besides, the benefits of micro needling are most certainly worth a tiny bit of discomfort. Ask around, read more articles and most of all – discover it yourself.

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