Dark and Lovely Color Intensity Anti Dryness Permanent Colour Review

Dark and Lovely Color Intensity Anti-Dryness Permanent Colour Reviews

Dark and Lovely Color Intensity Anti-Dryness Permanent Hair Colour is a luxurious formula that sets your hair on edge with its intense shade. Featuring 10 different shades of hair dye, this permanent hair colour is perfect for all occasions whether you are going out for the evening or attending a social occasion. With a formula that is safe for all hair colors and chemically free, it provides instant versatility for all hairstyles including cornrows, braids, twists, long hair, etc.

Review of Dark and Lovely Color Intensity Anti-Dryness Permanent Colour

Dark and Lovely’s Colour Intensity Anti Dryness is the only product I use when touching up my root area. It is very easy to apply, doesn’t sting on application and best of all it doesn’t dry my hair out as most permanent dyes do. This product not only colours my hair but also leaves it feeling nourished and soft which I love. – Natasha Miller

I am so happy with the Dark and Lovely Anti-Dryness Colour because it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry and looking dull. My hair stays shiny and soft, even after colouring it. I’m also happy that this product comes in a big bottle because you don’t have to buy it very often and your hair is always at its best! – Samantha Brown

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I was scared to color my hair back to black for a few reasons. I wanted to make sure I found a product that would nourish my hair while coloring it and give it a beautiful shine. Dark and Lovely Color Intensity Anti-Dryness Permanent Hair Colour Original Black did just that! My hair is super soft and shiny! It’s not the dry, brittle, dull, lifeless hair that it was before! – Jennifer Hurst

Product Description

Dark and Lovely Color Intensity Anti-Dryness Permanent Colour builds the same deep intense colour that you’ve come to expect from Dark and Lovely. It gives grey coverage and features a no ammonia formula that holds onto colour for 10 washes so hair stays soft. The addition of Macadamia Oil is enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants to deeply nourish while colouring.

Our unique combination of Colour and Anti-Dryness technology innovatively delivers intense colour on all types of hair without damaging it, thanks to the Olive Oil infused into the formula.


1. Intense deep colour coverage
2. Fortified with Xtreme Colour Lock™
3. Leaves hair moisturized and nourished
4. Perfect for all hair types, including resistant hair

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How to Use

1. Apply colour to clean, towel dried hair.
2. Comb colour through hair from root to tip.
3. Process for 10-15 minutes or until desired tone is achieved.
4. Wash hair with Dark and Lovely Anti-Dryness Supreme Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

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