Can Infrared Sauna Cure Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is one of the progressive diseases caused by tick bites and hampers day to day life of the patient. Antibiotic treatments at the early stage of this disease can help patients to get better from this disease.

However, there is another way that can help Lyme disease. Studies have shown that infrared saunas can help Lyme disease patients exceptionally in treating their health condition.

Here, we are going to discuss how infrared saunas can help cure Lyme Disease.

Effects and Dangers of Lyme Disease

Before discussing the cure, let’s look at Lyme disease’s dangers.

As we know, patients develop Lyme disease when bitten by special bacteria-infected black-legged ticks. The earlier symptoms of this disease are fever, rash, nausea, joint aches, chills, and other flu-like symptoms. Therefore, many people underestimate this disease and don’t get a proper diagnosis.

Lyme disease can progress very rapidly as the symptoms become severe. Therefore, it is crucial to detect this disease at the earliest possible moment. With appropriate antibiotics, Lyme disease can be completely and rapidly cured.

However, some patients resist these antibiotics, and Lyme disease can progress into chronic Lyme disease. Chronic Lyme disease can be potentially life-threatening and can spread into the lungs, heart, joints, and even the nervous system to cause additional health damage.

Patients with chronic Lyme disease can experience extreme fatigue, neurological problems, liver inflammation, heart arrhythmia, Lyme arthritis, and neuropathy. It is still unclear why some patients develop chronic Lyme disease. However, the auto-immune response of bacteria is held responsible for accelerating Lyme disease into a chronic one and can be triggered even after the original infection clears up.

Due to chronic Lyme disease, kidneys and liver start to overwork. Also, a slower detoxification rate causes toxin buildup in several organs of the patient. Therefore, symptoms quickly escalate and start damaging the body rapidly.

Additionally, chronic Lyme disease patients can experience chronic inflammation due to the lingering presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Lyme-disease-related autoimmune disorder. In severe cases, patients will experience mitochondrial dysfunction when energy-producing structures inside the cells start to malfunction.

In a nutshell, Lyme disease can be severely life-threatening if not detected earlier. Earlier detection and treatment can help cure Lyme disease within two to four weeks with appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Alternate Treatment for Lyme Disease

For several reasons, Lyme disease patients need to find alternative treatment methods. People who are already suffering from other chronic diseases may struggle with antibiotic treatments. Also, some patients can develop chronic Lyme disease even after taking antibiotic treatments.

Ideally, these alternate treatments help the body kill harmful bacteria in detoxification and boost the immune system to defend the body. Heating the body and red light therapy can help patients in this manner. In far infrared sauna, both light and heat treatments are combined for Lyme disdease treatment.

Let’s briefly discuss these alternate treatments:

Healing Properties of Heat

When our body is heated enough, it becomes less welcoming for bacteria. Moreover, due to core body temperature rise, the body starts to sweat, which helps in the detoxification process.

Saunas can help the body to heat up intensely to offer such benefits. Additionally, heating can elevate blood flow all over the body, boosting the immune system and detoxification process. Blood flow delivers nutrients and oxygen to defend the body against harmful bacteria and help in the healing process.

Heat shock protein production also boosts due to body temperature increase. These proteins help in tissue regeneration and wound healing. So, when you are activating these proteins with the help of a sauna, you are accelerating your body’s healing process.

Brilliance of Light Therapy

Natural light is an essential element for living beings to have a healthy life. However, sunlight also contains UV rays that can harm your health and even cause skin cancer.

In light therapy, the healing properties of natural light are harnessed without the side effects. In general, specific wavelengths of red light and near-infrared light are used for light therapy.

These light wavelengths being slightly bigger, can reach deeper into the skin and start healing from the inside. Mitochondria inside body cells gather energy from these light wavelengths and increase metabolism in the body.

Due to increased metabolism, body cells can repair themselves rapidly and can replicate healthy growth. This helps rejuvenate body cells and heal.

Additionally, red light and NIR light therapy influence several body hormones to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses to ensure a healthy body. Several essential protein productions like collagen are boosted due to these wavelengths and help the healing process to accelerate.

Moreover, light therapy helps in increasing blood flow all over the body to help transport oxygen and other necessary nutrients. Therefore, one can find instant release from pain and other discomforts when they get light therapy.

Another crucial property of NIR light therapy is that it can slightly increase the user’s body temperature. Therefore, this treatment can help Lyme disease patients to manage their condition and heal quickly.

Combining Heat and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Both heat and near-infrared light therapy can help Lyme disease patients exceptionally. So, how can both these treatments be combined?

As heat can produce infrared wavelengths, the opposite of it is true as well. With appropriate infrared wavelengths, heat can be produced to ensure the body’s healing. Infrared saunas are built on this principle.

When a Lyme disease patient is using an infrared sauna, it causes additional stress to their body. This stress is temporary and is crucial for healing. Also, in such saunas, patients get both light and heat benefits.

When you are in an infrared sauna, you will get the following benefits:

If you are experiencing joint pains due to Lyme arthritis, it can be managed as well with the help of an infrared sauna. Therefore, this is an exceptional alternative way to get rid of Lyme disease fast and effectively.

Bottom Line

One infection can cause a severe disease like Lyme disease. However, the combination of light and heat therapy in infrared saunas can help Lyme disease patients to get healed from this disease and lead a healthy life.

However, do not depend solely on this alternative treatment. Patients should take their antibiotics in addition to spending infrared saunas for rapid healing. For additional caution, it is better to seek a doctor’s approval to avoid any temporary damage due to infrared sauna treatment.

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