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Benefits, Procedures, Side Effects, & Costs of a Brazilian Butt Lift

For every body part, there’s a cosmetic procedure to enhance it. Anyone who wants to get a perkier derriere has several options, but one of the most popular would be the Brazilian butt lift. Also called a “BBL”, this elective procedure is performed by transferring fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks, giving them a rounder shape. Even though this procedure is safer than silicone implants, for instance, it’s still accompanied by certain risks that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Fortunately, since most of these risks can be mitigated by experienced plastic surgeons, potential candidates for a Brazilian butt lift can commit to the procedure with peace of mind. It may not be possible to completely eliminate your risk of complications, but with enough research and the right plastic surgeon, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the results you hoped for.

Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

Any surgery comes with risks, but some procedures are riskier than others. In the case of a BBL, the risk is lessened because foreign material (such as silicone implants) won’t be put into the buttocks; the material being injected is fat that’s been taken from somewhere else in the body. This reduces your chances of infection, and usually gives a result that looks more natural as well. If illegal injections are being considered, a BBL is infinitely safer compared to any of those options – your body will probably handle injections of its own fat stores better than silicone caulk, sealants, or unidentified mystery substances.

There are psychological benefits too, of course. Since genetics, age, or other factors may result in a disproportionate backside, it’s common for this to impact an individual’s self-esteem. Even if it isn’t medically necessary, a Brazilian butt lift can do a lot to restore someone’s confidence in any situation.

How a Brazilian butt lift works

This procedure involves fat grafting; as mentioned previously, the injections are made up of the individual’s own body fat. If someone is starting out at the low end of the BMI scale, they may be asked to gain a few pounds; not only will this make it safer for them when the anesthesia is administered, but the surgeon will need a certain amount of fat stores on other parts of the body in order to transfer them to the buttocks.

If a sizable amount of fat will be transferred, the patient will probably be put under general anesthesia. If the amount of fat is on the smaller side, though, the surgeon may opt to use local anesthesia instead. Even though Brazilian butt lifts are less invasive than many cosmetic procedures that are meant to augment a specific body part, they can still be a lot to handle; the question of general vs. local anesthesia might be a good point to bring up with the doctor before surgery.

Once the patient is properly anesthetized, liposuction will be used to suction fat from the back, stomach, hips, and thighs. It’s then prepared and injected at strategic points in the buttocks. Usually there will be 3 to 5 incisions made; after the injections are complete, all the incisions will be stitched up, and a compression garment will be applied to help stop any post-surgery bleeding.

Brazilian butt lift side effects

Even though a BBL is technically less invasive than other cosmetic procedures, there are still several side effects to watch out for. Since most of them are preventable, though, one of your priorities should be finding a reputable plastic surgeon; this will significantly decrease the risks associated with the procedure.

The most common risks include:

  • Scarring on liposuction or injection sites
  • Pain that lingers even after recovery
  • Infection, or skin loss because of deep-tissue infection
  • Lumps or odd textures around liposuction or injection sites
  • Fat embolism, which can be fatal

The first four side effects are pretty self-explanatory, but what about fat embolism? This is what happens when the fat gets injected into one of the larger veins, rather than into other fat stores. The fat then enters the bloodstream and usually ends up lodging in the heart or lungs, which can be fatal; at the very least it can cause serious respiratory distress, and will probably involve a stay in the ICU. With a fatality rate of 1 in 3,000 procedures, it’s clear that plastic surgeons around the world could be doing better.

Cost of a Brazilian butt lift

This particular procedure is far from cheap; if you get it done in the U.S., it’ll probably cost around $12,000. This includes the cost of the surgery itself, plus hospital fees, anesthesia, and aftercare.

That’s just in the U.S., though; some countries, like Turkey or Mexico, are well-known for providing the same surgery for a third of the cost. However, the lower price isn’t just a matter of economics; it’s often due to the fact that the plastic surgeons are cutting corners so that they can offer budget BBLs. This means that if you choose a doctor based on their low prices, you’re running a much greater risk of a botched BBL, infection, or worse.

Traveling to a different country for a cosmetic procedure isn’t always a terrible idea, but it’s extra important to do your research on whatever surgeon you’re considering. Can they provide testimonials? What are their credentials? Are you able to tour their facilities before the day of the surgery to confirm that everything is orderly and sanitary? Even if you’re new to the world of plastic surgery, the red flags should be pretty obvious if you know what to look for.

The takeaway

BBLs are hugely popular; not only do they provide aesthetically pleasing results, but they’re less risky than getting implants or black-market injections. You can get the procedure done almost anywhere in the world, but it’s important to pick a skilled plastic surgeon who truly cares about their patients; this will help you avoid potential complications, and get the results you always wanted.


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