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Best Hair Growth Keratin Pills for Longer and Stronger Hair

When listing supplements that are linked to hair growth and nourishment, it is impossible not to mention keratin alongside the likes of biotin and collagen. Indeed, the link between hair growth and keratin is a longstanding one to the extent that it has become synonymous with having healthy and strong hair. What’s more, when you are scouring for the best hair growth keratin pills for stronger and longer hair, you are likely to stumble upon Bloommy Keratin Pills. These supplements have taken the hair industry by storm to the extent that one may wonder how they stack up against similarly-described products in the same niche. Let’s see.

What are Keratin Pills?

In the simplest definition of the term, keratin is a protein that is formed through the combination of at least 18 different essential amino acids. The vitamin plays a vital role in hair growth, regeneration, and the overall improvement of one’s hair aesthetics. This is especially the case for people with extremely brittle tresses or folks who are battling premature hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Usually, keratin is normally produced via the differentiation and multiplication of hair cells which can be found just beneath your scalp. What happens is that some of the keratinocytes will move out to the periphery of the hair follicles to make up the inner and outer root sheaths of your hair. These cells essentially make up the protective layers that shield the otherwise vulnerable hair follicle from external damage. That being said, the remaining cells will go on to become elongated in length and shape thereby extending the hair shaft. It is during this process that keratinocytes will become filled with a load of keratin fibers which then contributes to your hair becoming longer.

How Do Bloommy’s Keratin Pills Work?

We have already identified that hair growth and the presence of keratin are both interconnected – this is the working formula behind Bloommy’s Keratin Pills. You see, each strand of hair on your body consists of up to 90% of keratin.

Apart from the structural support, keratin makes your hair stronger and more elastic considering that is essentially made up of long and interconnected chains. In other words, it allows your tresses to bend, turn and fold without breaking or splitting. And not just, keratin is also 100% insoluble in water. Which, of course, bolsters its strength even further as your hair can now withstand both extremely low and high temperatures. In short, having sufficient keratin in your hair implies that the scorching summer rays and biting cold winds in the winter tend to have less of an impact on your hair. Now you know why hair vitamins products formulated to shield your hair from the unforgiving heat of hair styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, coloring tools and blow dryers tend to contain keratin. In fact, the application of keratin externally is best complemented with a regular and consistent supplementation that protects your hair further from the damaging effects of such radiations.

Some of the Benefits of Supplementing with Bloommy’s Keratin Pills

Apart from protecting your hair against the damage by environmental extremities, keratin also plays a crucial role in making hair suppler, shinier, and overall thicker in both presence and volume. In case of dry and shriveling hair, supplementation with keratin pills can provide extra protection against progressive loss of moisture from one’s hair. And considering that these supplements employ a bioactive type of keratin that nourishes your hair from inside out, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the approach tends to work better than topical applications.

Secondly, another important reason you should be supplementing with keratin for longer and stronger hair it’s because this is a nutrient that is ordinarily not found in everyday diets. In light of this, it is extremely easy for one to be unknowingly deficient in this hair-friendly micronutrient particularly if they don’t have access to sulfurous foods or cannot convert it from biotin-rich dietary choices.

Lastly, consuming healthful doses of keratin regularly has been shown to make curly hair easier to manage. This means you are likely to notice less frizziness during your grooming sessions, not to mention tight curls start to loosen up and become straighter in appearance as keratin builds up.

The Overview: Pros and Cons of Bloommy Keratin Pills


  • Makes curly hair easier to manage and style
  • Enhances the natural thickness of your tresses and strands
  • It’s a complementary solution to other topical keratin-based treatments that you may already have in store
  • Available in a variety of price brackets


  • Overconsuming keratin supplements can result in the build-up of too much protein
  • A bit pricier than some other similar options in the market


While there’s no denying that keratin pills like this one from Bloommy’s can prove to be very useful in strengthening and lengthening your hair strands, you have to be careful to stick closely to the daily recommended dosage to avoid a build-up of too much protein. Otherwise, it’s one of the best ways of getting those elusive glossy locks without breaking a sweat.

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