Best 10-15 mins Leg Work out for a Stronger Lower Body

In our day-to-day life, we use our whole body but since most people think that the hands are the most used human body part they give more credit to the upper body. As a result, you might have seen people talking about upper body strength. Most of the exercises you perform somewhere revolve around upper body beauty and strength. From chest workouts to different shoulder and arms workouts you will see people work out every day mainly on their upper body. However, what we don’t observe and keep in mind is the fact that unconsciously we use our lower body as much as our upper body. From simple daily tasks like standing to walking or even moving, you need the strength of your lower body, especially your legs. We see people talking about the strength of their arms all the time and putting it on display, however, we haven’t seen people displaying the strength of their legs. Most of us don’t even know how to do it.

Why You Need Leg Work Out and Its Importance

We know what legs are used for walking and standing but how can we know if our legs are strong. Is standing for too long a sign of lower body strength or do you need something much more than that? In most cases, you will see only athletes and expert personalities talk about leg workouts. This is the reason people who are even fitness enthusiasts usually have buff upper bodies with very little strength in their lower bodies. According to fitness experts’ chicken legs is a phenomenon where you will see people with strong upper bodies but they will not let you see their lower bodies because they will have very lean legs with minimum muscle making their whole body look disproportionate. In short, working on your lower leg is not just all about strength but also helps you in enhancing the beauty of your body and making you look better.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the most commonly used leg workouts that can help you improve your lower body strength. We will also look at the workouts from the utility point of view so you don’t have to think about expensive equipment for performing these simple leg workouts.

Best Leg Workout to Improve Lower Body Strength

In the beginning, we have mentioned how most people never realize how they can determine the strength of their lower body. A simple way to measure the lower body strength is to know how easily you get tired. You can stand for a little while and see that people who need a leg workout or have weaker legs usually get very easily tired. They feel the strain in their legs and sometimes notice cramps as well. Apart from this, their legs are lean and have very little muscle mass. Here are some of the best leg workouts that you can try, these leg workouts are simple and do not require any equipment. You will see that with the help of these workouts you will be able to notice an improvement in your overall leg strength.


The squat is increased for the hips, legs as well as the gluts and core. With the help of squatting, you will not only improve your strength but also the shape of your lower body.


Lunges are great for overall leg strength and also help you to stretch your legs. Eventually stretching your legs will improve their strength and you will notice that this reduces the chance of injury as well.


This pose improves the blood flow in the lower body and you will be able to notice improvement not only in the strength and shape of your legs but also in your hips, core, and glutes.


Step up is a workout where you mimic the going upstairs move. You have to place a small box and pretend like you are going upstairs. This workout is very good for the leg muscles epically the glutes and hamstring. With the help of this workout, you will see improvement in strength and shape.


Running is an incredible workout that will not only help you to strengthen your legs it will also help you to improve your overall body strength. It improves the blood flow in the lower body, especially in the lower leg muscles which helps you to notice the buildup which will make you look better and stronger.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to a well-rounded workout that will not only help you strengthen your upper body but also your lower body. There are so many different full-body workouts that improve the overall muscle ratio so your body doesn’t look out of proportion. Apart from this, if you have a good upper body strength but your lower body doesn’t support your upper body, you will eventually feel the impact on your upper body as well. Apart from this, the proportionate lower and upper body will eventually make you look weird and you will notice that everything you wear is either too baggy or too tight on you. to make sure your body looks good in all types of clothing items, you will need to work on your body as a whole.

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