Ballet Fitness Online: How to get started and stay motivated

With the rise of online workouts more and more people worldwide have started to hear about all the fantastic benefits of Ballet Fitness. It’s a workout that not only provides many of the benefits that people really want such as: A slimmer toned physique, improved posture and increased flexibility. But, it also assists with cardiovascular health, mental wellbeing and is one of the most enjoyable workouts available online!

One of the leading online Ballet Fitness brands is ‘Sleek Technique’. They have a huge global audience of customers that enjoy the 250+ workouts streamed online and via the Sleek Ballet Fitness app. They have made the process of trying Ballet Fitness simple, with a free trial and a seamless app that gives you instant access to all their workouts and live classes.

So, getting started on your Ballet Fitness journey is simple. But, how do you stay motivated? We have the founders of ‘Sleek Technique’ to provide you five top tips from their ballerina brains to keep you on track with your Online Ballet Fitness workouts.

1. Schedule your workouts

Most of us schedule hair appointments and dentists check ups but don’t apply the same weight to our health and fitness goals. Try and schedule in all of your workouts just like any other appointment. You’re far less likely to skip a workout if it’s in the diary. If you’ve signed up to our Sleek Live Classes, you will be able to plan and your book your classes through our booking page. If you’re a streaming member then jot the classes you want to do down on the calender (weekly is best) or follow one of our structured workout programs to take the leg work out of planning your leg work! Don’t forget to schedule in rest days too.

2. Progress not perfection

Getting fit and looking after your health and wellness is vital but it is also hard. Self motivation is even harder! If you have to skip a barre class once in a while – don’t worry. A missed Dancer Refined Abs class does not mean you have failed in your Sleek training. If you’re tired, rushed off your feet or just not feeling it, skip a day and start again tomorrow. You’ll still be making progress when you jump back in. And if you miss several workouts, see it as a sign to take a deep breath, start again and take it a little easier this time around.

3. Embrace Your Progress

If you’re aiming to get more flexible and do the splits or you want to nail a pirouette without hopping at the end, remember every millimetre and each wobble counts as progress. It doesn’t matter how long that progress takes as long as you’re moving in the right direction. We can all be too keen to reach our goals but even when we do, it’s time to start a new one so don’t rush to get there and miss the amazing results you are achieving on the way.

4. Nourish your body

If you’re training well then you need to reward your body with the nutrition it deserves. Eat the foods that will give you the energy to move through your fitness regime and always remember to keep hydrated (something I really have to remind myself to do!) I like to add a squeeze of lime or a couple of mint leaves to my water to make it more interesting but you can mix that up to suit your taste buds. And fluid is fluid but tea, coffee, carbonated and processed drinks do not count… nor does alcohol. You can add fruit and herbal teas to your quota though. I do!

5. Love how you move!

Finally, the more you love your workout style, the more you are going to want to do it. So whether you prefer a Ballet Bootcamp Workout to a Ballet Technique class, it doesn’t matter so long as you enjoy it for YOU. You’ll not only work out your body but your mind, heart and soul too.

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