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Aphrodite Hair Dryer Review

The Aphrodite hair dryer has a unique design that allows you to heat or cool the dry hair directly onto your scalp. The unique design allows the air to move throughout the entire hair shaft, instead of just below the surface desiring to evaporate moisture. This results in faster drying time and less damage to hair caused by Heat Damage or Bypass. It dries skin easily without causing pain or irritation, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. The cordless design makes it ideal for on-the-go use, and it’s able to circulate air throughout the unit creating a slight temperature shift — perfect for styling hair on hot days.

Review of Aphrodite Hair Dryer

I love this hair dryer. I have long thick hair (down to my waist) and blow drying it takes forever. I can’t believe how amazing this dryer is. It only takes me about 8 minutes now to blow dry my hair. I used to spend at least 30-40 minutes. Plus, it’s so quiet and lightweight that it doesn’t hurt my arms or shoulders like my old clunky dryer did. – Georgina Vincent

This is the best hair dryer that I’ve ever had. I have super long, fine hair and this dryer dries it in half the time it used to take with my old one. It also doesn’t make my hair feel all crispy like it did before either. Plus, it dries my sister’s thick, wavy hair quite nicely too. – Poppy Hooper

This hair dryer is absolutely AMAZING! I have been using it for almost a week now and I can’t believe the difference it has made in my hair. My hair is shiny, soft, and so healthy looking. It dries my hair in half the time as my old dryer, yet it doesn’t frizz up or leave my hair looking fried. This hair dryer is very light weight and easy to use. It requires no additional attachments, which I love. – Olivia Tyler

Product Description

This  High capacity hair dryer has high power consumption with lightweight and small size. It is convenient to carry and use. The air flow rate reach up to 102 / 120 m3/h, the drying degree can be adjust according to your need. This product features 2 speed , 4 temperature settings, long life silent motor with no electromagnetic interference and low energy consumption. It also has a water resistant function. With the protective cover on the outlet, you don’t need to be afraid of water leakage into your devices. The products come with 1 year warranty.””


High Air Capacity Hair Dryer 102/120 m3/h
Long Life Silent Motor
2 Speed, 4 Temp (includes True Cold Shot)
No EMC emission
Weight 430/460 g
Flexible Safe

How to Use

1. Turn your blow dryer on the medium heat setting, and comb your hair with the flat part of the concentrator.
2. Place the round part of the concentrator approximately 6-8 inches from your roots, and begin twisting it to the right in slow circular motions.

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