Alcohol Addiction: Relapse Prevention & Five Rules Of Recovery

Alcohol addiction is actually the most dangerous of them all!

Yes, you might ask-

How it could be worse than drug addiction which has the possibility of someone dying with an overdose!

However, alcohol is like a slow poison. & Slowly and surely, your mind is getting immune to all the psychological changes, making you consume more daily.

But, your body is getting more vulnerable under the influence.

Plus, whenever you are taking drugs, there is definitely someone who is going to stop you.

Who will stop you in a social setting with everyone around?

No one!

Because they don’t know that this is your fourth glass and you already came to the party a little tipsy.

Might even have to go home and get a glass or two.

This is the actual danger of alcohol addiction.

No one actually knows when someone is not just drinking and has become addicted to alcohol.

This is why it is so important to go through the tell-tale signs and simply understand whether someone is actually addicted.

If you found checking signs like-

– Drinking in the morning.

– Somehow, finding an occasion to drink.

– Coming to the office tipsy.

– Always hungover.

– Empty bottles all around the house.

Then you or someone else is under the clutches of addiction.

Now, it is time to get some help. Click to get the right help.

What To Expect In An Alcohol Recovery

So, you have finally taken our advice and have decided to look through the different alcohol recovery programs.

Go for an inpatient recovery center; you wouldn’t regret it!

In an inpatient recovery center, you enroll the individuals suffering from addiction, and the recovery goes on for a few weeks.

Or, at least the person is recovered. The time period actually depends upon the intensity of addiction and the rate of relapse.

Now, here are the things which you should be expecting from a recovery center.

Medical Detox

This is when the doctor checks your entire body and then prescribes you medicine and diet, which can detox the residual alcohol out of the body.

This is to ensure that the system is clean and not being harmed by any toxins.

Endless Series Of Therapy

Yes, medical detox can clean the body, but what about the mind?

This is why you need therapy!

This works on your mind and recognizes the trigger to cure them eventually. Every addiction stems from a mental health disorder.

Through therapy, the mind is cleansed from thoughts and dependency on addiction.

Withdrawal Assistance

Withdrawal from alcohol addiction can be painful!

After all, the body is going through so much and getting rid of all the toxic dependency which came with addiction.

Thus, professionals helping with withdrawal symptoms is a very important part of a recovery program,

Self Help Group

Through a self-help group, the patient can get rid of that feeling of isolation!

‘I am alone and no one will ever understand.’

They will get to learn the struggle and success stories of other patients and what they are dealing with at the same time.

Plus, they will get to hear motivational stories of former patients as well.

Holistic Recovery

Through holistic recovery, the patient will learn methods of dealing with their urges of relapses which is, of course, not medicinal.

The recovery center teaches them through holistic activities like yoga, journaling, and physical exercise.

How to Prevent Alcohol Relapse

So, you have finally completed your inpatient recovery and are back home!


However, you still have to be aware of something called post-recovery withdrawal, which can give you strong urges of relapses.

For that, you need to follow these five recovery rules.

1. Find New Crowd

No matter how good of a friend group they are, if they are constantly indulging in activities that require alcohol, you need to find a new crowd.

This is not good for your mental health, as it can either glamorize this addiction again or trigger traumatic memories.

You can still find a crowd that can help you to get rid of the urges and lead a sober life!

Yes, there are many activities that can be led with a sober mindset, and one doesn’t always need to be under the influence of alcohol to enjoy something.

2. Solve Family Issues

Family issues can be the biggest trigger for someone who has just recovered from alcohol addiction.

Especially if that trigger is something that initially led to the addiction!

This is why what you need is something called family therapy. Although this is something already provided by the recovery center, you can continue this if there are more conflicts and issues you need to solve in the environment.

3. Do Not End Therapy

Just because you are now recovered, that doesn’t mean you will suddenly end your therapy sessions.

You must continue your therapy sessions!

This is to ensure that you are always aware of your mental health and dealing with it in a much healthier manner, rather than giving in to addictive temptations.

4. Get Productive

If you keep yourself busy, then your productivity will increase!

Good productivity is known for increasing the number of good hormones in your body, like endorphins and oxytocin.

This will eventually make your body less dependent on alcohol for being happy and more on being productive and hard working.

5. Practise The Holistic Wellness Lifestyle

Yes, we know holistic recovery is taught to control the withdrawal symptoms and urges during recovery.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot practice them even after recovery.

This will ensure that you are choosing a positive lifestyle and coming out of the recovery center or cured and new.

Happy Recovery!

Recovery can be a painful journey, but you should always look at the bright side and keep going.

There is no harm in believing that you can do it, no matter how difficult it looks at the moment.

Now, after the recovery, you should know that this is a new life!

Protect and cherish it with all your might!

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