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A-Z Guide To Buy BB Cream

BB stands for blemish balm or even beauty balm and does more than your average skin tint. Formulated to provide a 3in 1 makeup solution, BB creams have been designed to provide people with flawless and make-up-ready skin without actually having to cake your face with extreme makeup. If you have a busy schedule and do not have time to put on make-up every day, then you should buy BB cream in case you haven’t. in case you are wondering what does 3 in 1 makeup look stands for, then it is a moisturizer, primer, and foundation look and you can get this by purchasing one quality BB cream for your daily wear.

How did BB cream come into the mainstream beauty market?

Korean cosmetics in the beauty world specifically Dr. Jart presented BB cream to the whole world because women in Korea were looking for alternatives to the traditional makeup routine. BB creams were designed as a convenient alternative to the traditional makeup routine which consisted of moisturizer, primer, and then foundation. The ingredients included in BB creams provide women with hydrated and moisturized skin in addition to making the skin ready for any extra makeup even by skipping some steps.

Why do you need to buy BB cream and not CC or DD cream for your regular use?

If you follow the beauty and skincare world, then you will come across terms like CC cream and DD cream along with BB cream. While CC cream stands for color correcting cream DD cream on the other hand is used for daily defense. Even though DD cream is also designed for daily use, the ingredients included in the cream do not work effectively compared to BB creams. On the other hand, CC creams are used to cover irregular skin color, redness, and even complexion.

What to look for when purchasing BB cream?

When you are surfing the internet to buy BB cream for daily use, make sure to consider all-natural ingredients. The reason being is that since you will be wearing this beauty product every day, you need to look for ingredients that will not make your skin become rough or feel irritated with time and use. Natural BB creams made with all-natural ingredients will provide your skin with luminous coverage without drying out skin. In addition to that, BB creams also do not make your skin feel laky or clumpy so in case you do, then you might want to visit a dermatologist soon as your current BB cream may not be going well with your skin type.

 Effective BB creams will keep your skin moisturized but will also provide medium to full coverage without making you feel sweaty or stuffy.  If you can buy BB cream from the market which suits your skin type and is made with sulfate and paraben-free ingredients, then you will be saving a lot of time by just applying the cream before you head to work.

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