8 Fun Things to Do in Michigan This Summer


Michigan is home to many recreational activities, but nothing beats summer in the state! From outdoor recreation to fun indoor museums and events, there is never a shortage of things to do, which makes Michigan the perfect place to spend summer this year. Looking for some ideas? We’ve got everything you need to know right here.

1. Tiger’s Game

What trip to Michigan would be complete without a thrilling ball game? If you find yourself in the Detroit area, be sure to schedule a trip to Comerica Park. Whether you’re a big baseball fan or not, the electric feelings of experiencing a game live will be one of the highlights of your trip. Be sure to check out the other attractions at the park including the Walk of Fame and delicious food court!

2. Hit the Beach

While the beach might not be the first activity that pops into your head when thinking of Michigan vacations, it certainly should be. The beaches are just as peaceful as what you’ll find on the coasts and are perfect for hours of inexpensive fun. Whether you’re in a group full of children or adults looking for some R & R, any of Michigan’s beaches is a great choice. One favorite, according to the locals? Silver Beach. There you can kayak, boat, swim, and lay out all day, soaking up the good feelings.

3. Upper Peninsula

For a beautiful excursion, head north toward Michigan’s breathtaking Upper Peninsula. Here, you will find lush areas of dense greenery and biodiversity. This is a great choice for families of all backgrounds as there is something to do for everyone. Whether it be a peaceful hike, one-of-a-kind stargazing, or more adventurous activities like mountain biking and rock climbing, there is something for everyone!

4. A Cherry Festival

Every summer, there is a cherry festival hosted in Michigan’s Traverse City. This is a national festival that brings people from around the country to indulge in one of the best fruits out there while participating in a number of other activities. From half marathons to cherry-filled prizes for participation, this cherry festival is not one you will want to miss on your visit to Michigan. Keep in mind it usually happens every July in the state, so plan around the event if it’s a must-do.

5. Wineries

If you’re looking to treat yourself, a stop at one of Michigan’s many wineries is a must. There, you can sample delicious wines and special pairings, and learn more about the wine-making process from the experts who do it! While winemaking may not be Michigan’s most notorious activity, it is certainly something to try out for wine lovers visiting or living in the state. If you’re looking to round out the adult fun, you might consider heading for one of the state’s many medical dispensaries to finish off the day. Find a list here.

6. Visit the Zoo

This is a universally beloved experience across the country and is something that many do on vacations. If zoos are something you’re interested in, you’ll love the Detroit Zoo, which offers interactive exhibits and plenty to view for lovers of all animals.

7. Morley Chocolate Factory

Feel a sweet tooth coming on? It’s time to head over to the makers of Sanders Chocolates at Morley Chocolate Factory. Just as Michigan winters can get cold, the summers can get pretty hot. Treat yourself to a sweet treat (and maybe too many samples) with a tour of the factory. Whether you fill up on treats all day or choose to stock up on souvenirs and gifts, Morley’s is the perfect stop for any summer vacation.

8. Lighthouses

The many lakes in the state come fitted with lighthouses that add a mesmerizing charm to the state. If you love water, lighthouses, or need some epic views to round out your vacation, visit one of the many preserved options in the state, including the Big Sable Point Lighthouse.


Whether you live in Michigan or are planning a summer vacation to the Great Lake State, there are endless activities for your interests. Use this list for inspiration or ask locals what they love to get an insider perspective.

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