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3 Mistakes While Taking Lip Injections: Make Sure You Don’t Make Them!

A fully functional and luscious pout is every woman’s dream! After all, who wouldn’t want full, plump and sensual lips? Their natural lustre and collagen-rich texture make lips a woman’s best asset. However, with age, collagen production decreases, resulting in the disappearance of that desirable fullness in your lips.

Whether you’re looking to fill deep wrinkles and lines or make a fuller mouth, lip filler is something that can transform your appearance. People make three common mistakes while taking lip fillers, and they are easy to avoid if you know what they are. The most crucial moment when injecting injectable lip fillers is your injection placement. Many patients get the injections wrong, or the injector injects more than 1ml lip filler, which results in unnatural-looking lips. Then they wonder why they are unsatisfied with their lip treatments.

Choosing an injector with not enough experience

Injecting lip fillers is a delicate procedure and requires a lot of skill and expertise. Many practitioners are unaware of this fact and just go ahead and inject their patients with lip fillers without making sure that they understand what the patient wants.

It’s crucial to find an injector or Aesthetic Clinic London who has performed several successful lip injections before so that you know they’ve got what it takes to give you the results that you want. Also, look for a practitioner with extensive experience with all types of lip fillers and their side effects. If they only use one type of filler, they may not know how to handle complications or allergic reactions that arise from another type of filler (even if it’s similar).

It is also essential for you to make sure that your practitioner knows precisely what you want from your lip injections so that he does not end up doing something completely different from what you wanted.

Injecting too much or too little filler

Another common mistake practitioners make when injecting lip fillers is not knowing how much volume should be injected into each lip. This might appear unusual, but it happens more often than you think. Many people go ahead and get a small amount of volume injected into their lips, thinking they will look better. But then they end up looking worse than before because their lips look unnatural.

A certified and experienced aesthetic practitioner knows whether you need 1ml lip filler, more or less and is more likely to offer safe and effective results than someone who’s not licensed in performing the treatment.

The results won’t be noticeable or last very long if you get too little filler. You’ll also have to keep going back for more treatments to maintain your results if you don’t have enough filler in your lips.

When injecting filler into the lips, you should inject it along the entire length of your lips, from the centre outwards towards the corners of your mouth. This ensures that all areas get equal treatment and that no lumps are left behind after injections are completed. A professional will be able to balance out how much filler is needed in the different areas so that everything looks natural and even throughout your mouth.

Not setting realistic expectations from the procedure

Injections are not magic and cannot turn you into someone else. Lip injections can add volume to your lips or fill in any lines or wrinkles around them. You need to know that they will only give you fuller lips, but they will not make them bigger than they already are. So if you expect dramatic results, then you should think again. Lip injections can help with moderate volume loss, but if you have a significant loss of volume (such as after weight loss), they may not be enough to give you natural-looking results.

If someone expects her lips to look like Kylie Jenner’s but doesn’t get the right amount of lip filler or 1 ml filler injected at the right lip areas, then she’ll likely be disappointed with the results because they won’t look like Kylie’s lips at all. So people must understand what kind of results they can expect from their procedure before having it done, so they know whether or not it will work out for them.

Take away

Plump and beautiful lips are the featured attraction, and some women go to great lengths to get them. However, lip injection mishaps do happen. Just ensure that you avoid these common mistakes as you head towards treatment! As with any cosmetic procedure, always having a thorough understanding of what the procedure entails can help you decide if it’s right for you.

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