Month: March 2021

Lush Cocktail Perfume Review

Lush Cocktail Perfume Review

Review: Gorilla perfumes at lush cocktail is new female perfume of the moment, lush cocktail exclusive perfume by Christian Dior, is a resounding success. Lush citrus, spice, and amber tones round out this intoxicating fragrance that can turn heads everywhere it goes. A favorite among women of all ages, this scent is perfect for evening …

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Nivea Perfect and Radiant Toning Lotion Review

Nivea Perfect and Radiant Toning Lotion Review

The Nivea Perfect and Radiant Toning Lotion are one of their most popular products provides effective shine control. The Nivea Perfect and Radiant Toning Lotion are one of their most popular products. It is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that is part of the Allure Creamy Lotion range. I’ve had the pleasure of testing some of these products, and I can say that they work well for all but the very …

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hair Cleansing shampoo

Omni Cleansing Shampoo Review

The constant hair fall makes your hair look extremely thin and dull. Similarly, the constant pollution and dirt whether you cleanse them or not, makes the hair damage and rough. So, when the hair becomes dry and damage due to constant interaction with the dirt and pollution, you need to give it a complete treatment. …

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