11 Great Casual Sportswear Outfit Ideas

Casual sportswear is not just for the gym. It has turned into a fashion trend all its own. Often termed “Athleisure,” the market is worth a whopping $301 billion in 2021, showing that this trend has taken the world by storm.

So, where do you get started if you want to become an athleisure fashionista? It’s not just about throwing on a pair of yoga pants for your trip to the coffee store.

Here are some great casual sportswear outfit ideas for you to get started.

Candyfloss Sweatsuit

Show off with some laidback luxury clothing. Opt for a slightly cropped sweatsuit so you don’t feel too baggy. Think slouchy, not saggy. Sweatsuits can come in all colors, but if you want to make them pop choose a neon color to create a natural focal point whenever you walk into a room.

You can combine it with any pair of sneakers you choose. Some girls may even buy sweatsuits in multiple colors to suit any mood.

High-Neck Sweatshirt and Futuristic Metallic Mini

Opt for a high-neck sweatshirt like it was your favorite piece of spirit gear. The sweatshirt can be your favorite sports team or just a jersey number on the front. Pair it with a futuristic metallic mini to keep that athleisure energy high.

Complete the outfit with your favorite pair of black or white sneakers, and jazz it up with some tinted sunglasses.

The Skort

The skort has had something of an up and down relationship with the fashion world. It’s come in and out of style constantly.

Yet it’s evident that athletic skorts have jumped on the athleisure bandwagon and have, once again, become a facet of the trend. It’s such a versatile piece that the skort can go with practically anything. Mix and match a colorful skort with some other items to create a whole new look.

Puffer Jackers and White Sneakers

Puffer jackets are easy to stay warm while still wearing casual sportswear. In addition, these jackets look cute and can fit in well at a party.

White sneakers are also firmly in fashion. So rock some white sneakers with animal print leggings to build a new going-out ensemble.

Graphic High Tops

Graphic high tops first came to prominence on the basketball court. Due to the promotional efforts of various NBA stars and other celebrities have even been seen at glitzy celebrity evenings. However, high tops are no longer just for the basketball court but for the perfect night out.

Look effortlessly flawless with a teeny crop top to balance out the simplicity of your high tops. But, again, graphic high tops go with so many outfits, so feel free to get creative.

Bright Tracksuit

Older generations remember that the era of the bright tracksuit initially came in the 1980s. The fashionistas of the time wore many of the famous brands of that time, such as Adidas and Nike. While tracksuits went out of fashion, they have dramatically returned on the back of the athleisure trend.

There’s never a wrong time to rock some sweatpants. Choose your favorite matching tracksuit and combine it with a trench coat or some heels. You can even doll yourself up with some lush red or pink lipstick to turn it up.

Sexy Sweatshirt Minidress

Oversized clothing is not a new trend. The industry has been finding new ways to use oversized clothing for years. Unfortunately, while many girls shun anything oversized to avoid looking frumpy, you can make it worse.

Oversized sweatshirts don’t just have to result from a hard workout. Get the right size, and it can double as a sexy minidress. Combine with some thigh-high boots to make the most of your sweatshirt.

Crop Top and Sweatpants

Athleisure is designed to be effortless. It’s the trend that enables you to fling open your wardrobe and immediately pick out an outfit.

Nothing eschews simplicity like the crop top and sweatpants combination. Add a bomber jacket, hoop hearings, and some black boots to finish the look.

High-Waisted Leggings and Sports Bra

Athleisure is designed to be for every occasion. High-waisted leggings and a sports bra may sound too casual for most occasions, but they can be turned up for an elegant evening or turned down for a simple day at the park.

If you want to take it to the next level, invest in some Lucite heels to take your gym outfit into first-class club attire. Feel free to experiment with color to stand out from the crowd.

The All-White Ensemble

Athleisure is at its most effective when it embraces one single block color. There’s something about the one-color look that makes it all the chicer.

White is especially effective if you want to go down this route. Throw on a pair of joggers, a hoodie, and a jacket to match. It doesn’t matter what the brand is because the look works all the same. A full white ensemble is one of the most cost-effective outfit ideas if you don’t want to break the bank.

Oversized Windbreaker

One of the top athleisure looks is the oversized windbreaker. The windbreaker may not sound sexy, but you can do incredible things when worn correctly.

Go back to the 1980s and wear it with retro colors. If you want to bring out the sexiness, consider combining it with a flirtatious sports bra.

The great thing is that the windbreaker can go with practically anything, such as a graphic tee or a pair of simple leggings.


Athleisure has become so popular because it’s a trend that works in both formal and casual settings. Moreover, it’s comfortable and affordable, meaning anyone can make it a part of their wardrobes. Unlike other fashion movements, it’s something that isn’t restricted by class or creed.

Casual sportswear is a trend that allows you to look utilitarian, colorful, or just downright not. So outfit your wardrobe with these casual sports clothes ideas and be on the cutting-edge of fashion now.

What’s your favorite piece of casual sportswear to rock throughout the day?

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