10 Potential Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) oil comes from the cannabis plant. Over the last few years, CBD oil has grown in popularity, particularly as an alternative therapy for a variety of conditions, such as sleep disorders, and anxiety, and to help reduce pain. Because of the prohibition of cannabis, there is limited evidence from studies to support the advantages of CBD oil. Although, research in this field is gaining momentum thanks to the legalisation of cannabis in some areas across the globe.

CBD oil became legal in the United Kingdom in 2018. Since then, more and more people have been looking into the potential benefits it can bring. Here, we will explore some of the potential health benefits of CBD oil which may sway your mind into considering the product.

May Reduce Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil is often touted for its ability for relieving anxiety and depression. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can include chest pain, extreme self-consciousness, and panic tacks. These conditions can be incredibly debilitating and severely interact with day-to-day life. While more research needs to be conducted, it’s suggested that CBD oil can benefit individuals with different forms of anxiety, like PTSD and social anxiety disorder. CBD oil is thought to positively affect the endocannabinoid system. This regulates our sleep, mood, and pain perception.

Calms Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common condition that affects the brain. This condition can cause regular seizures which are bursts of electrical activity in the brain that momentarily impact how it works. Over the years, CBD oil has been studied extensively for its benefit for individuals with epilepsy. At present, Epidyolex is a cannabis-based medicine which has been officially approved for treating epilepsy in the UK. This product contains pure CBD. If you have epilepsy and want to buy CBD oil for seizures, you must always speak to your doctor first.

Reduce Inflammation

When a wound turns red, swells up, and hurts, this may be a sign of inflammation. In general, inflammation is your body’s immune system’s response to an irritant. This could be a germ, but also a foreign object too. CBD oil has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects in a range of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. It’s suggested CBD oil decreases inflammation by affecting activity in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. The best CBD oil for inflammatory pain is one that includes full-spectrum extracts of cannabinoids. You can purchase such products from The Good Level. They are experts when it comes to full-spectrum CBD oil. The Good Level also sells CBD skincare products and drinks which may provide a range of health benefits.

May Combat Addiction

Some research indicates that CBD oil may be beneficial for treating addictive behaviours and drug addiction. Although chronic cannabis use may boost the risk of dependence, CBD oil alone doesn’t appear to have the potential for abuse or addiction. It’s important to note that there is no cure for addiction. This means CBD oil will not cure drug or alcohol addictions. Also, CBD oil cannot get its users high. Always consult with your GP first before taking CBD oil.

Can Benefit Healthy Skin

From an early age, the importance of looking after our skin is drilled into us. Another potential benefit of CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory properties may be particularly beneficial for reducing potential triggers of dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. CBD oil is known for soothing skin and decreasing the appearance of irritation. Individuals with sensitive skin may find CBD oil useful. Some evidence suggests CBD oil can help in treating acne too. The compound directly acts on the cells which make sebum. This helps balance oil production and decreases inflammation. Other ways to boost skin health include staying out of the sun, reducing stress, and getting more sleep.

Could Improve Cancer-Related Symptoms

Although no studies to date have proven CBD oil eases side effects, especially in individuals with cancer or receiving cancer treatment, some individuals with cancer have reported a range of benefits from taking CBD oil. Thee include helping with vomiting, nausea, and depression. There has been tons of interest in whether CBD oil may be useful as a cancer treatment. The scientific research conducted thus far has been laboratory research with mixed results. This means we do not know if CBD oil can treat people with cancer.

May Help with Arthritis

Individuals with arthritis may consider using CBD products like CBD oil for pain relief. There have been studies on animals in the past that have suggested CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. However, these effects haven’t been validated in quality studies on human beings. Some individuals with arthritis who have tried CBD oil have reported noticeable pain relief and improvements in sleep. Other methods for improving arthritis pain include maintaining a healthy weight, protecting your joints, quitting smoking, and staying active.

Relieve Diabetes

It’s estimated that over 4.9 million people in the UK have diabetes. A further 13.9 million people are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is an inflammatory condition. CBD oil does have anti-inflammatory properties, which means it may help in relieving diabetes. Some studies found there isn’t a noticeable effect on blood sugar or insulin levels in those with type 2 diabetes when taking CBD oil. However, a variation of THC did. CBD did boost gut hormone levels and lower insulin resistance. Researchers are continuing to study the effects of CBD oil on diabetes in animal studies.

Could Benefit Heart Health

Some studies suggest CBD oil has a direct influence on the arteritis, helping to lower inflammation and improve blood flow. This indicates CBD oil can reduce inflammation in blood vessels and arteries, which can ease the strain on the heart. Ultimately, this can potentially prevent heart failure. It should be noted that CBD oil could interact with some heart medicines. Therefore, you should always seek medical guidance before taking CBD oil. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties found in CBD oil may help in reducing risk factors that lead to heart disease, such as high blood pressure. It may also lower the risk of related conditions, such as a stroke.

Could Relieve Pain

It’s suggested that CBD oil may help in managing symptoms of chronic pain. Roughly 15.5 million people in England have chronic pain, with 5.5 million of the population having high-impact chronic pain. This can make it difficult to carry out daily activities. Because of its antioxidant properties, many pain sufferers say that CBD oil can help relieve their symptoms. There is some evidence to suggest medical cannabis can help certain types of pain. However, the evidence isn’t strong enough yet to recommend CBD oil for relieving pain.

There are a number of proposed benefits CBD oil can have on individuals. From potentially reducing anxiety and depression to relieving diabetes and benefiting heart health, more studies and research needs to be carried out on the product first.

To get the most out of CBD oil, it’s advised you begin with 2 to 3 drops, several times a day. This should be increased gradually over several days if need be. While there are no guarantees CBD oil provides any of the health benefits above, many individuals have noted improvements in certain conditions and disorders since using the product.

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